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 My last thread...

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"Searching for a tab? Ask for it!" moderator

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PostSubject: My last thread...   Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:10 pm

well,my ship date moved up and i wont be able to log for close to a year.

i have great faith in this site and i know in the future i will be back for you guys' thoughts and insights.

i have learned quite a bit in my short time on this site and appreciate this community.

keep the ideas flowing and f*** the haters.

i expect to hear many great productions coming out of here.

semper fi.


P.S.-cornelia:its good to see some females in the "future producers" talent pool.its pretty sausagy(?) as of late.
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"Searching for a tab? Ask for it!" moderator

Posts : 130
"How much I help" points : 3
Join date : 2010-09-20

PostSubject: Re: My last thread...   Sun Nov 14, 2010 2:48 pm

also,i have been working on a concept for the perfect live show.

i designed a template that can be used for the perfect live sound.(theoretically)

if you use a click track relative to the song,you can place midi events to trigger:preset changes(amplitube,guitar rig,omnisphere,SD,etc.),light shows,even camera angles.
this means no more stomping pedals(you still have the ability to change any tones at will with a midi switcher but the midi events will automatically switch you to the next predefined tone at the predefined time.),no more lugging amps,no more mixers,no more stage volume,just a rackmount PC.plug straight into an interface.

this means all of your tones,lightshows and jumbotron angles will be perfect every time.

it has an automation at the end of the track to trigger the next song(using tabs in reaper) meaning you can start the first song of the set and the entire set will run itself but still give you the choice to play "song x" of your set at will.
TIP:disable project tabs when in background so you don't devour CPU.

it has independent monitor mixes,house mix,sub mix,master mix.

this should make it possible to have studio quality live recordings every night(assuming you play cleanly Wink ) while putting on a hell of a show.

it even has an ambient mic channel so the in ear monitors don't leave you feeling disconnected from crowd.

once you sound check once,you will never have to sound check again.

to combat the changing venues,you can run pinknoise through the mains and use a spectrum analyzer to decide how to flatten the EQ so the audience hears what the master sounds like.

i leave this to forum members in hopes of playing in and experiencing some of the greatest concerts ever.

you guys are the future of music.feel free to personal use of this.

only rule,i want the forum to grow.so if sender could make this only available to forum members,it would be appreciated.
if someone wants to use this,sender can distribute the link.
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My last thread...
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